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It all started with a thought in my head, that taking pictures might be a good hobby to pursue.  Some one had brought me a Kodak pocket camera and I though it would be interesting  to learn  to develop and print pictures.  I found a photo developing kit  in an old Sears and Roebuck wish catalog and proceeded to convert my moms' bathroom into a makeshift darkroom.  I developed my first roll of negatives and  produce my first prints in black and white and I was sold on this hobby.

Moving from Jr. High to Senior High School I became involved in the Jr. R.O.T.C. Program and was considering finding myself and a profession in the military.    Another thought came to me to consider turning my hobby into a learning experience that might lead to a job opportunity.

The learning experience came in the form of photography training.  The Army had teamed up with a major photo vendor   Eastman Kodak  photographic to train its military photographers.  I was able to  attend this school and  received a two year techinical degree in all major aspects of  photography from theory, to editing , to photographic equipment the photographer uses.

The Army felt my talents would best be utilized in West Germany, where I served with the 69th Signal Company Photo where we had the distinction of being the only professionally trained  photographers in the entire Army.

while in Germany I fined tuned my skills in all phrases of photography to include  laboratory procedures, still camera usage  to include 35mm and medium format cameras. during this time my favorite camera of use was the Minoltal XE-7  Minolta Maxxum, the Mamiya C-330 and the world famous Hasselblad 500C.

My experience varies from shooting aireal photos for military survelliance, event coverage for the military newspaper the Stars and Stripes,  police investigation, providing photo coverage for combat training excercises, social events such as small scale weddings, graduation photos, basic and advance photographic editing procedures.

Envision  provides a variety of photographic manipulation and base editing services, affordably priced and guaranteed to please.

A photograph can generally be enhanced unless it is out of focus, has poor pixel dimensions , has poor base composition or there are other problems beyond base editing that cannot be fixed at a reasonable rate.  Consultation should be considered before engaging in any manipulative editing procedures.

Our editing service can provide such services as listed below:

* skin can be smoothed out and wrinkles removed

* red eye, pockets under the eyes, and bad shadows can be de-emphasized

* tonal ranges can be improved along with the brightness and contrast range of your photo

Envision can also provide services to enhance your photos background, even removal of unwanted background objects to improve your photo images

Before and After


Before and After


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